Payment system MIR and Sberbank

How did it all begin?

In connection with the events of 2014, in which Russia was directly involved, they began to impose restrictive measures (sanctions) against our country, which affected a variety of sectors of life. From culture to financial systems.

To safeguard our economy and protect citizens, the government decided to introduce a new payment system into circulation. The development and implementation of this task was undertaken by the NSPK company (national payment card system).

Every day the payment system expands its "sphere of influence". If earlier it was impossible to pay with the MIR card in half of online stores, now you can go on vacation with it abroad, but this is a limited circle of countries. Here is a list of countries and republics participating in this system: Armenia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia - cash withdrawal from ATMs, payment by bank transfer. Also, a number of operations are available in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey. The plans are to include other EAEU countries in the geography of the Mir SS.

For those who visit foreign countries, Sberbank offers to issue cards, again Visa or Mastercard. You can keep fixed assets on the MIR card, and for payment while abroad, replenish the account of a foreign payment system through your Sberbank personal account. Thus, our government "took care" of you abroad. But only if Russia is disconnected from the SWIFT system, you will still be left without funds abroad ... therefore, you cannot remain without cash.

MIR is our answer to international card solutions VISA and Mastercard. The card has all the functions of foreign counterparts and practically does not differ from them. The difference is that using the cards of the national payment system, you do not have to worry about your money. After all, Visa and Mastercard users run the risk of being sanctioned and, worse, losing their money. Nobody knows what our foreign colleagues can come up with once again. That is why the MIR card is needed and why the Maestro cards are exchanged for the MIR cards.


Features of MIR maps

But not everything is so unambiguous about the use of the national payment system MIR. After all, this is an attempt to "demolish" the monopoly positions of powerful Western payment systems. Therefore, you should not count on a quick and seamless implementation of this project.

Something similar is happening with our COVID-19 vaccine, it is also not particularly allowed in the countries of Western Europe, not to mention the continent of America.

But nevertheless, the decision was made, the government issued Federal Law 161-FZ, which requires all government workers and military personnel to switch to a joint salary project from Sberbank and MIR. Now, all state employees receive salaries only on MIR cards. If earlier you used the Maestro card and hypothetically risked being left without money, now you don't have to worry about such a scenario. That's what the Sberbank MIR card is for. MIR has a high level of security and protection from outside interference.

And as a consequence of this law, the transition to the national payment system MIR is carried out by all enterprises and organizations, regardless of the form of ownership for some payments. So when applying for a job, and those who were previously employed, employers require filling out an application for payment of social, insurance (hospital) payments to the MIR card. Also, mothers on maternity leave will receive payments for childcare up to 3 years old to the MIR card. It does not have to be a MIR card from Sberbank. There are NSPK partners who issue this card, i.e. other banks.

What MIR cards are issued by Sberbank

Sberbank is trying to meet the needs of its customers. Starting from those who would like to "show off" their high status to the older generation of our country, who do not need extra "gadgets", and they just want to comfortably manage their money.

There are five types of MIR cards from Sberbank (taking into account the salary variations of the Gold and Classic MIR). There are also cards: MIR Premium Card and MIR Premium Plus Card. Let's figure out what kind of cards there are and how they differ. Choose the card of the MIR payment system from Sberbank that meets exactly your requests and needs. Each card has its own advantages and differences.


MIR debit cards from Sberbank

Most often, Sberbank customers prefer to use debit cards, since they do not need to worry about spending more than necessary. It is not for nothing that the bank's team focuses on this type of card offers. And there really is plenty to choose from.

MIR credit cards from Sberbank

Today, the bank does not issue MIR credit cards for individuals. More precisely, they are not in the public domain, but Sberbank is considering the possibility of making this type of card offers.

The issue of MIR credit cards is limited to several banks: Krayinvest Bank, Center-Invest Bank, Rosselkhozbank-Rosneft.

How and where does the Sberbank MIR card work?

Due to some restrictions that were present at the start of the system in our country, many people are afraid to switch to cards of the new MIR payment system from Sberbank. But you can be sure that the cards of the national payment system MIR are a worthy analogue of the international offers of Visa, Maestro, Mastercard and so on. The possibilities of the MIR card from Sberbank are no worse than those of foreign card solutions.

The card of the MIR payment system from Sberbank allows you to perform all financial transactions that are available on modern plastic cards. In addition to the standard categories: electronics, utilities, food, restaurants and cafes, the card provides for payment for public transport.

Throughout Russia, the Sberbank MIR card is accepted for payment. Also, when using co-branded card solutions MIR, you can pay abroad. You can pay by card at any retail store and in the vast majority of online stores.

Contactless payment

Bank cards of Sberbank MIR are supplied with a built-in NFC chip, which allows you to make contactless payments. You simply attach the card to the payment terminal and the system itself debits the required amount from the card account. To understand why you need contactless payment technology, make at least one purchase this way.

So far, the card has only its own contactless payment technology, but Sberbank is in talks with such giants as Apple and Samsung. Soon we can expect the integration of MIR cards and Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android pay services as well. At the moment, it is impossible to connect to these services using the MIR card.

Save up "Thank you" bonuses with the MIR card

When your card is issued, it is automatically connected to the loyalty program from Sberbank (but if you wish, you can refuse to participate). MIR bank cards from Sberbank allow you to accumulate a different number of THANKS bonuses, depending on the chosen card solution.

You will not be able to spend THANKS points abroad, since the promotion works only on the territory of the Russian Federation. However, co-badging card solutions (Maestro-MIR, etc.) allow you to accumulate points for purchases in other countries. The promotion does not work with Aeroflot cards.

Pros and cons of MIR cards from Sberbank

Like any product, MIR cards have positive and negative sides.


Advantages of MIR cards from Sberbank:

  • free card service for state employees and state employees. employees;
  • provision of preferential tariffs to citizens receiving social benefits;
  • a separate type of cards for pensioners;
  • ideal for students;
  • a wide range of card offers for individuals for every taste;
  • support for contactless payment technology;
  • independence from foreign sanctions;
  • the possibility of issuing a card with your individual design;
  • holding promotions for MIR clients;
  • allows you to use payment plastic in Crimea;
  • free and automatic connection to the loyalty program from Sberbank (does not work for Aeroflot cards);
  • five-year validity period and free card re-issue;
  • reliable technology for protecting funds.


Disadvantages of the MIR card from Sberbank are:

  • an ordinary card does not allow paying abroad;
  • you cannot get a loan;

If you look at all the pros and cons and compare the cards with international solutions, it will become clear why Visa cards are changed to MIR cards.

What to choose, Visa, MasterCard or MIR

You can only answer this question by understanding what you need specifically. If you are a state employee and are worried about your salary, then you should definitely switch to MIR cards from Sberbank. There is always a possibility of outside interference in our economy. The same can be said for students. Not everyone has the opportunity to overpay for additional services.

Pensioners who do not particularly need new technologies like Apple Pay can safely switch to the MIR pension card and use preferential terms of service for the card.

But to be honest, so far MIR cannot fully compete with international solutions for many reasons. If you often travel abroad or make a lot of purchases on the Internet, then you should not rush to switch to the card offers of our payment system yet. Co-badging cards are not so easy to get, and not everyone can afford to waste extra time and money. MIR cards are suitable for those who pay mainly on the territory of the Russian Federation. You need to compare all the card offers and choose the one that suits you specifically.

Feedback on the system

Users of the site leave mostly positive reviews. The national payment system meets their needs.

They note that the card has a high "sociality", that is, it meets the needs of the category of the population that receives payments from the state. Customers like the tariff plans and the absence of the need to enter the PIN code every time (for purchases under 1000 rubles). Also, users of MIR cards are happy that they can not be afraid of the consequences of the introduction of international sanctions.

Of the minuses, they only note that many sites still do not allow using the MIR card for payment.

How to order a card

If you are a state employee, then you will definitely be given a MIR salary card. If you work for a private company or just want to join the customers of the national payment system, then there are several ways to issue a card.

  • On the official website of Sberbank go to the menu item "Cards"
  • Select the payment plastic you need.
  • After completing the application, you will receive a notification that it will be considered and accepted in the near future;
  • As soon as the issue of your card is completed, you will be told the time when you can pick it up (or order home delivery).

In order not to fill in the personal data, you can get a card through the cabinet:

  1. go to the page;
  2. log in using your username and password;
  3. go to the "Maps" tab;
  4. select "Order a debit card";
  5. choose a suitable MIR card from the list and click “Order” under it;
  6. study the conditions, enter your contact information, select the office to receive the card and click "Checkout";
  7. wait for the message about the readiness of the card and receive it at the bank branch.

If you are using an Android or iOs app, do the following:

  1. open the application (if you do not have an application, you can find it in the App Store and Google Play and install it - it will take a couple of minutes);
  2. log into your account;
  3. on the main screen above the cards, click on the green plus sign;
  4. select a card category;
  5. select the MIR payment system (if there is no such option, it means that the bank issues this type of cards only on the basis of VISA or MasterCard - try another type of card);
  6. familiarize yourself with the basic conditions, click "Select a card";
  7. select additional services, enter your personal data, the address of the branch where you want to receive the card, and click "Continue";
  8. Confirm the registration of the application for the card issue;
  9. Wait for an SMS about the delivery of the card to the branch and receive it.

If you are not “friendly” with the Internet and would like to personally appear at the Sberbank branch to issue a new card, then take your passport and go to the nearest bank office. Together with a Sberbank employee, fill out an application for the issue of your card and wait for your ticket to be processed. As soon as the card is ready, the contact center staff will contact you.

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